About Us

OCD AUDiO DESiGN creates original music and sound design to help you tell stories that more effectively connect with your audience.  We’re obsessive about creating the perfect sonic backdrop – that indescribable emotional and sometimes even visceral extra dimension – that the right music can add. We compulsively focus on the visuals, from making sure the synch is there to doing a field recording to capture that just-right sound effect.

We draw on our history, passion and compositional experience in a wide variety of musical styles – electronica, techno, ambient, rock, jazz, classical, film score, television soundtrack.  Our toolbox includes cutting edge digital technologies and production techniques, traditional analog recording methods, talented musicians, sound effects libraries, our own custom sounds, and more.

AT OCD AUDiO DESiGN, we listen to you and make the music happen, so you can focus on telling your story.